I wish to thank the following people who helped me enormously to turn this boat around from Dead Things by Sarah to Vug jewels. Creating logos and choosing typefaces and general conversations about “feel”—It really took a village, and I am grateful to everyone who reached out to their people to find graphic designers and artists and creatives with the beautiful brains and time to help me get it all done when others had too much on their plates and had to bow out.

Lacey Guthrie, you lead with grace and heart and are a perpetual inspiration to me, and you helped me get the ball rolling.

Amy ‘Bambi’ Wendt, you took on the project but your plate was too full, and even still, knowing I was so stressed about this, you threw something together that put us markedly on the right path.

Jessi Wiggers, you listened to me and heard me and created a sketch of the crystal V that would end up being the hallmark of the Vug Jewels logo.

And finally, Patrick Payne, gods bless you. You came in at crunch time. You put everything together from those that came before you better than I had even hoped. You made my vision for Vug Jewels a reality, wholesale. Thank you.

Thank all of you.

And thank you to my fans and clientele who shared my panicked posts and led Patrick to me! I don’t know who you are, but Thank You.